10 Best Power Wheels Alternatives for Big Kids

There are an abundance of Power Wheels ride on toys for toddlers, but beyond this age there are less options meaning finding one for an older children can be more difficult!

With this difficulty in mind we have compiled a list of some of the best Power Wheels alternatives for older kids from ages 5 to 10 years old and beyond!

In this guide we have included all different brands of ride on toys for bigger kids in order to provide you with the very best options avaliable.

Tips for Finding the Best Power Wheels Alternatives for 5 to 10 Year Olds

  • When looking for a ride on toy for older kids the first thing you want to check is the age recommended by the manufacturer. You want to be sure that it provides enough speed that your child won’t be bored with the toy rigth away!
  • You also have to consider the height and the weight of your child and the size of the ride-on toy. Bigger Power Wheels are for bigger children though bigger doesn’t always mean faster.
  • When considering a specific toy read the reviews to determine what age of the children others have purchased each toy for and whether or not the child is happy with the toy.

The Best Power Wheels Alternatives for Older Children List

Rollplay 12 Volt Nighthawk

This Nighthawk ride on toy has a low to the ground profile and a cool modern look that somewhat resembles a jet plane. The Nighthawk features start and stop pedals, easy steer handlebars and rides simply lean right or left to steer. There is also a tall red safety flag and comes with a battery charger for the battery.

This ride-on toy can travel at speeds up to 6 mph on concrete, pavement or blacktop and has a user weight capacity of 110 pounds.


Parents love that this toy comes completely assembled (You just need to charge the battery before use)

The Nighthawk is lightweight and easy to store

It well built and easy for kids to use


Some people had battery charging problems

What age is this recommended for?

This ride on toy for bigger kids is best suited for children ages 6 through 10

Razor 4 Wheeler Quad

The Razor Four Wheeler Quad is a sturdy 24 volt battery operated ride on that is a bigger than Power Wheels vehicles. This sturdily built quad has a powder coated tubular frame, shatter resistant plastic fairings, 13 inches pneumatic knobby rubber tires, adjustable riser handlebars and a rear carry handle.

This quad has a max speed of 8 mph and runs about 40 minutes on a single charge.


This quad is exceptionally well built

The speed of this toy is suitable for older children

This ride on toy for older kids will travel off road running on dirt and grass


The charger that comes with this quad is not the best in fact one reviewer recommended that users purchase another charger.

What is the recommended age for this?

This quad is recommended for kids ages 8 years and up

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket

The Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket has a variable chain driven motor and a rechargeable 24V (2–12v) lead-acid battery. It has 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires, folding metal foot pegs and an all steel frame.

The MX400 is designed for off road use and will bear user weights of up to 140 pounds.

Currently this dirt bike comes in 4 different colors including black/white, black/red, green/white and red/white.


The Dirt Rocket is easy to assemble

Sturdy and Durable

This toy can be ridden on various surfaces including grass, dirt and gravel


Some users have problems with the chain staying on this dirt bike

What is the recommended age for this

The is recommended for kids ages 7 and up provided they have experience with other similar but slower dirt bikes.

Kid Motorz Police Motorcyle Ride On

This Kid Motorz motorcycle ride on is perfect for those girly girls that are a little bit older. The motorcyle comes in a cute shade of pink and has 2 forward speeds 2.5mph and 5mph. The motorcycle features hand acceleration, headlights, hazard lights and signal lights. It also makes real life sounds and has a storage compartment.

Kids get 50 plus minutes of ride time on a single charge and it will bear user weights up to 110 pounds.


This ride-on goes a long time on a single charge

With this scooter having 2 speeds, kids can travel at a slower speed until they learn how to handle the machine

Kids love the sound effects


Some users had charging problems with this kids ride-on toys

What age is this recommended for?

This pink police scooter is recommended for kids ages 5 to 9

Razor Power Core E90

If you are looking for bigger more action packed Power Wheels types ride-ons then this the Razor E90 Scooter is a good alternative. With a 12 volt sealed lead-acid battery, an all steel frame and fork, rear wheel drive, hand operated front brake, and a flat free airless tire. It also has a push button throttle and a retractable kickstand.

This scooter will travel up to 10 miles an hour and can run up to 80 minutes on a single charge.


Easy to assemble by just putting on the handlebars

Easy to charge with the long charging cord

Solidly built


Some user have problems with the charging cord not working

What age is this recommended for?

This scooter is best suited for kids ages 8 years and up

12 Volt Police Motorcycle

This cute Police Motorcycle is excellent for older kids who are 5 to 10 years of age. It is a 12 volt ride on toy that features a hand accelerator, headlights, tail lights, hazard and signal lights, realistic sound effects and a small storage space. It also comes with some cool decals for you to place on the motorcycle as well as side mirrors.

This motorcycle will run between 50 and 60 minutes on a single charge and can support a user weight of up to 11 pounds.


Having two speeds allows the child to travel at a speed they feel comfortable with

Has a good battery life

Kids love the realistic motorcycle and police sounds


Some users have experienced charging problems

What age is this recommended for?

This battery powered motorcycle is recommended for children ages 5 through 9

Viro Rides 550E Electric Scooter

This push to start Viro 550E scooter features a thumb throttle on the right handlebar, hand activated rear brake, LED lights and a kick stand. This scooter travels at speeds up to 10 miles per hours and provides you about 40 minutes run time on a single charge.

Your child can cruise up to 6 miles before needing to recharge this scooter.


  • Takes most people only minutes to assemble
  • Kids love the way that this scooter looks
  • Sturdy build


  • Some users had charging problems with this scooter

What age is this suitable for?

This scooter is suitable for kids 10 years and older

Jolege Hoverboard

This self-balancing hoverboard comes in a wide variety of colors and your choice of whether or not you want Bluetooth. This environmentally friendly type mode of transportation is perfect for older kids. It is easy to learn to ride and turn, and charges in between 2 and 4 hours.

We do recommend that you furnish your child with proper safety gear to wear when using this hoverboard.


This hoverboard is quite sturdy

It is a great first hoverboard to teach children how to learn to ride this unique form of transportation

Runs quietly


Some users have problems with the Jolege Hoverboard charging and the wheels locking.

What age is this recommended for?

This hoverboard is best suited for children ages 8 to 10

Razor Pocket Mod Petite

This Pocket Mod Petite Scooter is a 12 volt Euro-style electric scooter that features a padded seat, twist grip throttle, hand operated brake, rear wheel drive, 10 inch white wall pneumatic tires. This scooter runs 40 minutes on a single charge and will accommodate riders up to 110 pounds. It also travels at a maximum of 8mph.


This is a durable and stable little scooter

Easy for kids to learn how to ride

This is a nice looking scooter


Some parents have difficulty putting the handlebars on this scooter

What age is this recommended for?

This scooter is recommended for children ages 7 years and up

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I be looking for in a Power Wheels for a 5 to 10 years old?

A. Check what the manufacture recommends as to the age of child this toy is suited for? Then check the reviews to determine what age child other parents bought the specific ride-on for their child. This will give you some guidelines about which toy you may want to consider for your older child.

Q. What is the proper safety gear to get for 5 to 10 year olds to use when riding?

A. Due to the higher speeds at which these ride on toys travel your child should always wear a quality helmet along iwth elbow and knee pads. We also recommend that you supervise your child while playing with these toys.

Wrapping Up the Best Power Wheels for Big Kids Alternatives

While there are few Power Wheels for older kids as opposed to for toddlers, in this list there are some very good alternatives for you to choose from. We hope that our list of these will help you find the right one for your 5 to 10 year old and beyond!